Pharmaceuticals RAW Materials (API’s) and Industrial Chemicals

Pharmaceuticals RAW Materials (API’s) and Industrial Chemicals
Crystal Chemicals is a Indenting Firm, bridging our customers and suppliers, is in the business of supplying active and inactive Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Excipients, Industrial Chemicals, support in product development i.e. Crystal Chemicals is working with quality manufacturers & traders in China, India and Europe/USA since more than 6 Years as business partners in Pakistan. About Working of Crystal Chemicals :- We have wide sales network sales team members who are actively giving coverage of sales all over the Pakistan. We have trained Support staff who gives extensively support to Sales department. We have enthusiastic people working in Commercial department who are in live contacts with suppliers to facilitate them. We distinguish ourselves with others as we have advanced computerized business systems to operate day to day operations. We are able to provide quick information as per our client’s needs by using market intelligence data base (Products, market prices history, trends, competition and market size etc). This wide knowledge/ information base system is accessible to every employee to facilitate to our customers and suppliers timely. We would like to enhance our relationship with your company as follows on win - win philosophy and as a business agent for Pakistan Market on exclusive basis. We will provide you all market information i.e. market size, major customers, your major competitors and prevailing price of your preferred products where you are strong in technology and competition in world market. After mutual discussion and consent we can start step by step for specific customer protection bases and based on mutually agreed sales targets for 2013. Since our motive “working together is success” and we have realized that in API business there is cutthroat competition in the market and 10-20 Pakistani’s agents contact for one inquiry to one manufacture which results confusion and clash of interest of each other and margins are squeezing. Consequently, by utilizing our strength of best sales team, intelligent business systems and having best skills of negotiation we would like to work with you for selective products and for selective customers. We would give you high probability of materialized business. We belief transparency in our business we maximize mutual profitability for common interest by our unique style of working. Transparency & honesty: Crystal Chemicals is only working with reliable, professional and trust able Customers and Manufacture, it means your payment and is secure, whatever the payment term is. Crystal Chemicals knows that which customer is reliable, Trustworthy and which customer is not safe. Crystal Chemicals is never working with insecure users. So your payment is automatically secured. Please inform us your strong and selective products and have good certifications in hands. We understand your needs of business and hope that you will reply to us positively. Looking forward to received your valuable reply. If you need any assistance or information, please feel free to contact us. Thanks and Regards, Mr. Muhammad Zeeshan CRYSTAL CHEMICALS Contact: +92321-8444610 / Skype: Crystalchemicals786 Email: , Hotmail: Web:

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Address: Mian Saraj ul din Road ( Siraj ul Munir Mosque ), Alhamad Park, Opposite lasani trade test and Technical Training Centre, Peco Road, Aldawa Model School, Near Awan Town, Mandi Stop, Multan Road, Lahore – Pakistan.
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